PIP Implants: The Threat in Breast Augmentation

One of the infamous implants that have bot catching the headlines nowadays are PIP or Poly implant Prothese. For those who may have been living under another rock, these implants are dubbed to be speculative as it is artificial out of unsafe materials which has caused a boundless recall of the product also a colossal manhunt for the guy responsible for all these.

So is the picture really all that bad? Well for those who had the said implants, it is. PIP is made up of substandard materials in order to cut the cost. They used industrial silicone which is a far cry and more dangerous compared to the medical silicone that should be in implants. For those who likelihood have not famous it, industrial silicone is what is used for computer parts or electronics. In addition to this they also used non-medical silicone filler.

With the low grade manufacturing these silicone implants had a high risk for ruptures. Plus that, the woman with the implants is vulnerable to this parlous material.

The investigation started though the incidence of rupture and other complains from PIP has increased in the past three years. This caught the attention and has raised concerns from regulating bodies which led them to inspect the materials used in manufacturing PIP implants. And it was there that they saw that they found out that PIP contains unapproved fillers which was also a material that was used in making mattresses.

Health scares are for the most part the reason why these implants are recalled today. It has bot linked to cancer cases among women who had the implant; still some say that there is no direct link to this.

However in many countries authorities has launched their own investigations. In France it was said that the government is to order 30,000 to undergo these unsafe implants removed. Two thousand of these women have filed police reports which lead a criminal investigation to be opened. Except the situation has risen over the weeks as eight cases were found to be linked to cancer.

In the UK over 40,000 women were reported to have PIP implants and over 250 of these women are preparing to sue those British clinics who were using it. This is even more aggravated due to the cancer scare that has bot associated with these infamous implants. But recently health authorities in the UK particularly the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) released a comment epigram that they are not recommending a routine removal of these implants. This is for the reason that they have not seen a link between the cancer incidences besides PIP implants. In joining to this they also do not witness a inadequate rate of rupture giving them weakened case to really require a required removal.

The problem even reached UAE borders thus reports postulate that they were brought into Dubai through illegal means since this implants were not approved by their Ministry of Health. They also halcyon that there has been no link to sickness and the wield about these implants.

There are a total of 65 countries in which PIP breast implants were distributed. This includes countries in Western Europe such as Germany and Britain to Latin American regions which includes Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela.

Today there is a nationwide manhunt for Mr. Jean Claude Mas, the man behind all the chaos, being the founder of PIP breast implants. His picture is plastered on the Interpol webstek as an arrest is in order on grounds that he posed deleterious to health also life of the consumers.

Therefore to skirt all these problem and future health threats, it is best to always ask your surgeon first on aggregate there is to know about the procedure. More importantly you should ask about the type of breast implants he is planning to use, and research on this as well as you research on your surgeon’s credentials. All these are salient information to help you ensure your safety around the procedure and for many years to come.