Federal Reserve Adds Eight Additional Banks to the Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Monday, the Federal Reserve announced that it plans to pure eight additional companies in the foreclosure fraud settlement, spil reported in The Washington Post.

The financial firms–EverBank, Goldman Sachs Group, HSBC Holdings PLC, PNC Economic Services Group, MetLife, OneWest Bank, SunTrust Banks and U.S. Bancorp are the companies in talks of being added to the settlement and fined, in addition to the five largest banks already named.

“Suzanne G. Killian, a senior associate director at the Federal Reserve, called the fines ‘appropriate’ during a congressional audience in Brooklyn, N.Y.,” commerce to The Washington Post.

Each day more plus more companies are being endow blamable of preying on innocent homeowners in mortgage default and wrongfully putting them into foreclosure, spell refusal necessary.

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Robosigning ‘sweatshop’:

There are millions of backlogged foreclosures currently in the U.S.

Last year, claims of robosigning, unlawful signing concerning documents, were uncovered and then just recently a conclusion with the major banks, and those in need of help with foreclosure, was finalized to make right for all of the deceptive practices uncovered.

Talks about misleading mortgage practices might have never totally summed up the actual extent of how scores documents were being signed each day.

Business Insider decided to put some numbers along with the allegations plus figure out just how many documents were being signed each day.

The results?

Let’s upright say the headline of the article includes a “sweatshop” reference.

“One Shallow from America gerent claimed she brand nearly 68,000 documents (93 per day) and notarized 1,390 over a two year period,” as reported in the Enterprise Insider article.

Also, an Ally employee admitted he “routinely signed 400 affidavits per day and increase to 10,000 to month, certifying that he had particular savoir-faire of the facts when he did not and without reviewing the supporting documentation referenced in them.”

“Auditors found notaries would sign off on documents before they were even cleared by affiants (workers who sign an attestation and attest to its truthfulness before a notary),” according to Business Insider.

In addition to the what were described as “disturbing findings”, Citi did not even have a process for signing foreclosure documents until November 2009 and BofA allegedly outsourced foreclosure documents to law firms for review but nonlawyers would often forget the attorney’s signatures.

“One attorney’s signature appeared on five separate foreclosure documents-each in different handwriting,” reported Business Insider.

Robosigning is not the only form of deceptive foreclosure practices that has gone on in the last several years. There are 335 civil law violations that might have been violated when your documents were drafted.

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These deceptive practices have wrongfully placed hoi polloi in lien default, throughout the country, in foreclosure and caused major excess throughout the states.

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