What You Need To Know About PIP Breast Implants

The integrity of breast implants are yet again being questioned as recent controversies concerning the French-made PIP implants surfaced. If you have had this type of Implants or if you simply want to be informed about what these implants have and is capable of doing to your system, here are important some important facts.

PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) is a French company founded by Jean-Claude Mas, and they entered the market producing breast implants way back in 1991. They were acknowledged to produce hundreds of thousands of udder implants per year. They have expanded their market which includes the Western European countries, Latin America, as well as Australia. Production in the US was halted if a moratorium was placed on silicone breast implants.

The issue with PIP breast implants was that they are made out of industrial-grade materials instead of medical-grade ones. The materials that these particular implants had were the ones that were used to make mattresses, making it well unfit to be placed inside the body. The production for these types of breast implants started back in 2001 but was only originate out in 2010.

This places the guy at greater risk for complications, and it is even worsened as the rupture speed increases. But complains previously started in France way back in 2009 as surgeons received increasing number of complaints on implant ruptures. The numerous contractual lawsuits being thrown at the company led to its bankruptcy. The final nail in the box marking the downfall of PIP implants was when a woman who had them and soon developed a malignancy called ALCL.

Although there was really no definitive tests as of yet, authorities are looking into making an action to harness any future hardships in women who have the implants. This spurred the government to tell the removal of the implants in 30,000 women in France who have had them.

This created a domino effect in other countries where PIP implants were distributed. Women are alarmed of the effect that it might do to them in the long run. In some areas, particularly in Australia, some reports filed to their Therapeutic Goods Administration; show that there is no evidence from rupture in the PIP breast implants distributed there. However recent studies claimed that these breast implants were more likely to rupture than what was previously presumed.

This mode that womankind should not simply spell on their laurels thinking that they are safe. Regular follow-up should be done to check regularly for any chances of rupture or breakage. In fact this is true for some type of implants. And to properly asses implant integrity, and MRI scan is the best method to do this.

A lot of women have been threatening to file mass lawsuits regarding these faulty PIP breast implants. This is not merely for compensation but for the salubrious threat that it poses. With these low-quality implants, it means that, for these women to make really positive that they are in the clear is to remove them, and this entails another procedure. Another chance that places their bodies vulnerable to infection, bleeding and other risks related to the procedure.