Auto Pip Bot Review – Best Forex Bot?

Is Auto Pip Bot a scam? At the moment, anyone who visits the website of Ted Anderson’s will be able to see that he is making at least $20,000 a month from looking at his trading screenshots.

This automated trading robot is a result of many months of hard work and programming as Ted and his Cambridge computer partners worked hard towards creating a trading android that could help them execute their FX trading recommendations for them. Today, Ted has hired a team to help him build his website plus start making his trading program available for all his members to download.

What Kind of Experience et cetera Skills Do You Need to Have Before You Can Make Money with Auto Pip Bot?

Most about the beta testers who had the early chance to try out this tool preliminary its launch did not have any programming substitute trading knowledge when they got started. This plug and play software does most of the analytical plus trades execution calling for its users.

There are many different types of Forex trading strategies available, such pro re nata scalping etc. In the case of this bot, it cuts losses quickly but is not a scalper by nature. Instead, its technical indicators are meant to detect longer phrase trends and the robot tends to catch long winners over a long term time frame.

How Much Livre Can You Expect to Make When Using this Auto Trading Software?

Even though Ted is earning added than $20k per month with his software, you should not expect to be doing the same unless you also have the huge sums of investment capital that he has. Most members surveyed has indicated that they have small amounts of money to invest, which makes it very important to be patient and attend for the effects of compounding to build on your investing capital.