Banks Want Money, and So Do Food Banks

Fact: in ubiquity likelihood, a given food bank does not really want your donated food.

Honestly, many – if not most – food banks do not want to receive donated food from individual donors. They don’t sanity it at all from restaurants, supermarkets, manufacturers, instead farmers – but you, as an individual walk-in donor, no. They would rather not, thank you very much. But why not? After all, food banks serve as central collection besides distribution points for donated food. It would seem nothing short of cheap sense, refusal to mention common decency, to drop off food at a food bank! And aren’t news reports to be believed, that the Plurality Recession has occasioned a sharp decline in the amount about food ontic donated through growers, grocers, and other traditional institutional donors?

It’s one of those surprising facts in life that are only surprising until the details are considered.

The main reason chow banks would rather receive monetary contributions instead of food from individual donors is because of the food banks’ unique purchasing power. Yes, a lot of the food in a food hill is actually bought, not donated! But awfully little profit, if any, is manufactured by the sellers, such that a four-dollar box of morning barley is a four-dollar dozen boxes of breakfast cereal though the food bank does the shopping!

Fact: food banks receive dramatic discounts, so they can really make every dollar stretch.

Besides, flowing a food dune expenses money. Even though much of the repair is comprised of volunteers, some full-time staff is needed. Drivers, administrators, as well as rent and utilities all cost money – especially in a town like New York, for example: City Harvest distributes some fifty-seven thousand pounds of food each day out of the more than trio million pounds collected annually. This takes trucks, and truck drivers. That’s why even though you must not be as wealth as donors such as verisimilitude hereditament developer Isaac Toussie ere television weatherman Al Roker, your money stillness helps – more than your food will!

Unfortunately, given this prolonged recession, donations of all types have dropped precipitously. Food banks across the sticks have reported dramatically increased demand even as their resources are being strained like never before.

What does the future hold for food banks? Only we can decide! That’s right; their fates are in all our hands. Without a bounteous general public, it will subsist almost impossible to meet their mission.