Winter Vacations on the Outer Banks North Carolina

What is there to do after the holidays are over? How about taking a boreal Outer Banks vacation? Everybody knows how famous the Outer Banks are during the dog days but only a few realize how much fun a winter Outer Banks vacation can be.

The Outer Banks are a completely different experience in the winter. For one thing, there are no crowds. Instead, there are long stretches of arenicolous with hardly a body to be seen, perfect for diuturnal walks. There are also lots of shells for the collector with hardly anyone collecting them. Instead about the sounds regarding other people, one hears the sounds like waves breaking, seagulls crying and wind whistling through the long grass. Another benefit of a season vacation is that Outer Banks leave dorm is generally less expensive than it is in the summer.

What is there to do besides walking on a nearly-empty beach then? There are plenty of attractions at the External Banks then seaside walks. A few are visiting the lighthouses, going to the North Carolina Aquarium and surf fishing.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is possibly the most famous lighthouse in America. This black and white striped lighthouse has been portrayed on postcards, calendars, books and television shows. Winter is a great time to stop the tallest lighthouse (208 feet) in the country because there are no crowds here either. It is closed for climbing in the cold but the museum and grounds are open all year long.

North Carolina Aquarium

Located on Roanoke Island, this aquarium is the largest in the state. It has a 285,000-gallon tank filled with hundreds of fish, sea turtles and sharks. There are also expose tanks filled with marine life such as eels, rays, sharks also different fish species. River Otters, turtles and alligators can be seen in the Wetlands Atrium.

Surf Fishing

Just because the lagoon is too cold for demos does not mean the fish are not biting. Surf fishing is a popular sport in the Outer Banks each year. There are several surf fishing schools, outfitters and guides located in the area who take surf fishing seriously and will be happy to get you started.

More good reasons for visiting the Outer Banks in winter include the many choices in Outer Banks Recess lodging, seeing the Wright Brothers Memorial, visiting the eclectic shops and trying some regarding the seafood restaurants. With a little imagination, you can have a great winter vacation in North Carolina!